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Three Best Healthcare Stocks to Invest In 2021

Out of all types of stocks in the market, healthcare stocks are at the forefront. When most of the big giants have failed to see a bullish market, even smaller healthcare stocks are soaring.

All the industries are facing problems, but only the healthcare industry is counting profits. In order to reap the benefits, most of the healthcare companies are trying to outperform each other in the market.

Looking at the current Covid-19 situation, the value of healthcare stocks are not going to fall anytime soon. However, there are some stocks that are better for investors.

If you are looking forward to investing your money in new healthcare companies, here are the three best options for you.

  • Precipio:

It is one of the best performing stock in the market. The value of NASDAQ PRPO has increased tremendously after the launch of the Covid-19 antibody test. They have launched the test kit on Amazon so that local physicians, as well as doctors, can conduct detect covid-19 infection in patients. It will save a lot of hassle for the public as well as the doctors. After the launch of the test kit, investors have seen a gain of 170% in the stocks, apart from that, their HemeScreen technology has also resulted in increasing the price of the stock. It helps to diagnose Leukemia in a short span of time. Both these products launched by Precipio have positively impacted NASDAQ PRPO stock price at It is a bullish market for the stock, and it will continue to rise as long as the company keeps on developing innovative technology to combat diseases. The investors who have invested in this stock in 2020 are the real gainers. It is still not late to invest in NASDAQ PRPO stock.

  • Intuitive Surgical:

This is another healthcare company in which you can invest your money. They develop robotic-assisted technology for conducting surgeries. Many doctors have used this technology for complicated surgeries. Nearly 7 million surgical procedures have been completed using this technology. In the first quarter of 2021, the revenue of this company has increased by 18%.

  • Ocugen:

You can also invest in this healthcare company. This biopharmaceutical company develops a cure for various diseases. In 2020, they partnered with Bharat Biotech to develop the Covid-19 vaccine. The vaccine is known as Covaxin. After the development of the vaccine, the stock price of the company has skyrocketed. There are 4500% gains in the stock price. The stock will continue to perform well as the vaccine is showing promising results in candidates.

These are the top three healthcare companies in which you can invest your money. At same time, there are many other good stocks like nasdaq sndl which you can check at