The Moorish Trilogy: Part One Andre I. Johnson

ISBN: 9781482703405

Published: March 6th 2013


180 pages


The Moorish Trilogy: Part One  by  Andre I. Johnson

The Moorish Trilogy: Part One by Andre I. Johnson
March 6th 2013 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 180 pages | ISBN: 9781482703405 | 3.43 Mb

The Moorish Trilogy, Part I is the tale of Shakespeares Othellos journeys and adventures before he was fatally impaled by the quill of Shakespeare. Captain Belgae Hawkins, spawn of Vikings, is a tormented soul, secretly battling with his past, warring in his sleep, spitting at his demons and in his waking reality his ragtag army dangles on the cusp of a wave of invasion by Othellos legions of ruthless warriors, man-eating predators and elephant brigade. Each time Hawkins mounted a resistance, they were overrun, retreating further and further west from Egypt via Alexandria, Libya, Tripoli, Carthage, then across the channel to Granada in Spain.

Persecuted by storms, floods, and plagues the warring factions form new relationships, new allies and new enemies and like a beautiful flower in the sewer, life, love, loss, loyalty, friendship, and betrayal flourishes. When Will loses his wife Emma Lynn to the plague, Hawkins joins Will on the psychological journey through the cycle of depression that started with denial, then anger, bargaining, depression, then finally acceptance. Narrated from Hawkins point-of-view, the reader never knows what happens next on this high-speed, epic roller coaster adventure.

Introducing Kifu, slave-girl elevated to royalty- Chief Hassan, founder of the Hashishuns (Assassins)- Brass-face the brass-mask wearing, fearsome warrior- the ghostly Masai Trackers- Harak-Singh the Mongol warrior- Will the minstrel- Wills wife, teen prostitute Emma Lynn- and Multan and Hendricks the comics.

Othellos character is based on Saladin the Medieval Muslim King and his archenemy Hawks character, is based on Medieval Christian King Richard the Lion Heart. Othello has fascinated generations after generations throughout the world for more than 400 years.

Yet in this age of the sequel and prequel, Othellos journeys and adventures are limited by the boundaries of his sliver of diegetic existence on Shakespeares stage...ENTERS THE MOORISH TRILOGY.

Enter the sum

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