Die Nabisco-Story: ein Unternehmen wird geplündert Bryan Burrough

ISBN: 9783548349589

Published: 1993

558 pages


Die Nabisco-Story: ein Unternehmen wird geplündert  by  Bryan Burrough

Die Nabisco-Story: ein Unternehmen wird geplündert by Bryan Burrough
1993 | | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 558 pages | ISBN: 9783548349589 | 5.52 Mb

Read this in 1991 just after it first came out. I couldnt put it down. If you dont understand the financial pages of newspapers and the terms they use, this is an easy way to learn about acquisitions, hostile takeovers, liquidity, assets, etc. Perhaps a bit dated now, but the author (a financial journalist) describes what happened here in the States in the 80s, a time when small businesses (and huge ones like RJR Reynolds) were bought out, sometimes just for the land they were built upon.

The businesses were cannibilized and then closed after the maximum in profit was obtained. There was no reinvestment in the future. Job losses were viewed as part of business. Profit was their religion.Strangely it reminds me of my birdfeeders. I fill them daily with solid nutritious feed and enjoy the families of birds who rely on my stewardship in keeping that feeder fed, especially in winter.

Then the grackles (crow-like birds) arrive in mass and devour the food in the feeders. Bird-lovers will understand this analogy. One will see a dozen of these ugly birds gorging themselves, spitting out seeds they dont like and often knocking the feeder from its perch. Corporate raiders are like grackles. How does one prevent it? I guess the secret is filling the feeders with a mixture of seed they dont like...Moral of the story...if you build a company up from nothing and allow it to be publicly traded on the stock market, you are at risk for a grackle attack.

Make sure you watch your feeders.

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