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Popular TV/movie trivia quizzes for Educational and Entertaining

The growth of internet technology has made a drastic change. It is exponentially for surfing, playing games, quizzes., Online quizzes and trivia games are a popular form of entertainment, especially for web surfers. Quizzboom is one of the commonly known quizzes entertaining websites about tv/movies series. It can be in various subjects that include education, entertainment for measuring abilities, skills.

Well known TV and Movie quizzes

1.     Game of Thrones

One of the most popular TV shows of many years is Game of Thrones. It brings TV series to a new level of elegance than other shows and the most memorable show title in history to be rememberable. This quiz deals with the feeling if we were on the planets in Quizzboom. It deals with even a little fact about the universe, economy, agriculture, genetics, and so on.


2.     Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries is a supernatural and top-rated series for young souls. They portray vampires, strong female characters, charming heroes, tempt negative roles with a drastic story. This series takes you away from your daily routine. This Vampire Diaries quiz takes you to its supernatural land.

3.     Harry Potter Marauders

It is a magical series that makes our childhood awesome with many kinds, brave, loyal friends associated with this. It deals with the adventures that young Harry faced at Hogwarts each year. A big castle, magic staircases, disappearing foods, lots of magic are the memorable things about the drama. This quiz is all about the most interesting facts about the Marauders.

4.     Criminal Minds

It comes under the genre of detective TV series. An elite group of FBI profilers analyzes the most dangerous killers and crimes. This kind of trivia quiz tests how well we remember the details of the show. Criminal minds are so distinctive to capture the audience.

5.     Rick and Morty

It deals with the life and adventures of a mad scientist Rick with his helping grandson Morty. Rick’s adventures are always crazy but sometimes scary. It has wide range of audiences from young to adult. If you are too adventurous or crazy-minded, play Quizzboom to determine how well you know the series characters and the storyline.