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At this crucial time, looking for a space for rent to hold an intimate celebrationis quite challenging because of the threat that COVID is imposing on our health. Aside from this, you wanted to make the celebration a memorable one. So, the aesthetics and amenities of the venue play key rolesto make that vision a reality.

What to look for in a Venue?

            In choosing a venue, you must consider the following features to ensure ample space for your guests to practice social distancing at the same time highlighting the venue’s featuresto keep them interested in the celebration.

  • Makeshift Space

The space must be huge enough to accommodate the people, event decorations, andcatering paraphernalia particularly now that a safe distance must be maintained between guests andserving staff.

  • Large Capacity

The venue should be able to caterto at least 50 to 100 attendees butcould still ensure ample negative space for seamless mobility of the guests and staff.

  • Effective Lighting

There should beeffective eventlighting to accentuate not just the beauty of the place but also thecelebrant or guest speakers, who are the highlight of the occasion.

  • Audio and Visual Capabilities

A good sound reinforcement can create a wonderful dynamic inside the venue, especially when paired with superb interior designs. A rigging and live webcasting capabilitiesaremajor plus signs particularly when hosting virtual conferences or live shows.

  • Superb Aesthetics

An exquisite aesthetics can set the ambiance of the venue. It can also create a sense of gratitude towards the guests as the beauty subtly touches their subconsciousness.

  • All-in-One Amenities


A venue with all the amenities like chairs, catering services, additional decorating paraphernalia, AV capabilities, cloakroom, security, parking lot, and insurance makes it a total package.

  • Cost-effective

A negotiable renting fee is a good criterion for booking the place. If it is quite expensive, but it has all the amenities that you need, then the price is reasonable.

But where can you find such a place that has all these? Well, it can be found at New World Centerin Miami, Florida.

New World Center is the Place to be

            The New World Center in Miami, Florida, which is just adjacent to a magnificent view of Miami Beach SoundScape Park, is the perfect place to organizebusiness dealings, such as conferences, lectures, corporate presentations, and even special events like baptism, weddings, and birthdays. Moreover, it has plenty of spaces that could be transformed into bar mitzvah venues, too, like the multipurpose and spacious Sun Trust Pavilion. It has a huge glass window that faces the SoundScape Park which adds charm to the white-walled room designed in geometric shapes. Overall, theNew World Center is the epitome of harmony between music and architecture.s