Betrayal in Budapest Mel Meckler


Published: June 6th 2012

Kindle Edition

112 pages


Betrayal in Budapest  by  Mel Meckler

Betrayal in Budapest by Mel Meckler
June 6th 2012 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 112 pages | ISBN: | 8.17 Mb

Our book is centered around the choices and decisions made by a former Austro-Hungarian World War I hero, Admiral Horthy, who in 1920 was appointed to serve as Regent, Kingdom of Hungary. However after its decisive defeat in World War 1, Hungary remained in chaos which he attributed to alleged punitive peace treaty provisions, Hungary had been forced to agree to, following the break-up of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1918.

Admiral Horthy, was appointed Regent, Kingdom of Hungary in 1920 and as a former 2nd Reich partner with Germany in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, made a calculated decision, following Hitlers appointment as Chancellor in 1933, after personally witnessing Nazi-German re-armament, at Hitlers invitation, proceed unchallenged by former World War I victors, came to believe that with Mussolinis and Hitlers help he should be able restore lost Hungarian territory and populations by overturning above post World War I treaty provisions. Admiral Horthys subsequent decision, as the presiding Regent, Kingdom of Hungary to convince his government to become one of Hitlers axis partners along with Italy, Romania and Bulgaria prior to the start of World War II, thereby committing his countrys military and other governmental resources to Nazi-Germanys needs, while still maintaining effective control of his government.

However by March, 1944, the eventual outcome of World War II on the Eastern Front became clear to all Axis partners. Several Axis allies, including, Mussolini and Regent Horthy attempted to reach separate peace agreements with advancing western allied forces. Accidental discovery of an obscure autobiography Admiral Horthy published in 1942 Berlin, contained clues that remained obscure to World War II historians as to his purpose in agreeing to become an active Axis partner.

Our intent is to inform our readers by connecting the dots with new information and facts that reveal Admiral Horthys probable motive for his governments direct involvement in the deportation of the majority of Hungarian Jewry in early to mid 1944, as advancing Soviet armies were almost certain to liberate Budapest. .

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