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Details about synthetic urine

The synthetic urine is generally packed in a reasonable and robust tear-off bag that adapts perfectly to the body, you can always carry it around, ideal for travelling. Important features of the best synthetic urine test, to find for :

Fully fake urine for daily use to safeguard your secrecy.

Approves all popular adulteration tests.

Bag with rounded corners, adaptable to the body.

It opens easily and silently, even with wet hands.

In UV light it becomes visible as real urine.

Can be stored for 3 years nearly expiry date printed on each bag so referring to it would be better.

Problem-free replaceable within 3 years in case of defects warranty

Possible temperature without altering, from – 20 degrees to + 80 degrees.

Three different markings (red, green, yellow) depending on the numbers ​​in the liquid, like PH and Creatine values, as these values ​​depend on the food and differ from one time to another time.

All bags comprise synthetic urine which corresponds to the urine of a heading and active and good, abstinent human being. All the indicators have the same high-quality standard.very important is all 3 markings are perfectly suitable for use. They are always shipped in different colours as much as possible.

When brought into contact with the trunk, the elements are steady and natural (33-34 ° C). However, the temperature may not be enough, in those cases, you can get a Heat pack that heats further for 6 hours. This heat pack helps the urine to retain the body temperature for long hours because sometimes we don’t know when the test sample will be taken.

The bag is very sturdy, quiet, with globular nooks. And with unlocking on 2 sides. It opens easily even with wet hands. Exposed to UV light it becomes visible like actual and natural urine.It is important to have everything under control in case of an important “appointment”, always and immediately ready for use.