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CBD for Dogs: Things You Must Know Before Starting the Treatment

Pet products having CBD or cannabidiol are easily available at the online store. You may buy various treats, capsules, powdered meal, tinctures and oils that are mixed in food or liquid and can also be given by the droplet in your dog’s mouth.

However, are cbd for dogs safe? How can you find the right CBD products? How can you determine what CBD dosages are best for your pet? Here are some important things to check on CBD.

How Can I Find Quality CBD Oil?

As CBD oil for dogs is not regulated yet, there are a few important factors that you need to consider when looking for the effective & safe products.

  • Safe and proper methods are carbon dioxide & cold press extraction. But, there are a few companies that make use of cheap methods & potentially toxic solvents, such as hexane, butane and propane, to extract THC content from this plant.

  • Best quality CBD products are generally made from the organically-grown hemp, which are totally free from toxins.
  • You need to check each product for THC potency. There are some products that have higher THC levels that can be very harmful to the pet. Search for the products with below 0.3% THC. The products that we suggest are derived from the hemp and, must come below the level.
  • Search for the companies that test the products independently and give certificate of analysis. Testing will include pesticide, microbiology, residual solvent, metals and much more.

Final Words

Often pet owners want to know about the right dosages of CBD when they are looking to treat their pet. Dosages may depend on your dog weight, how serious their condition is or what your pup ate. An appropriate rule is to with 1 – 3mg CBD for 10lbs pet.