Choosing His Hand Julia Kercher

ISBN: 9781462705627

Published: October 19th 2011


144 pages


Choosing His Hand  by  Julia Kercher

Choosing His Hand by Julia Kercher
October 19th 2011 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 144 pages | ISBN: 9781462705627 | 6.66 Mb

Choosing His Hand is one womans journey of faith from turning her back on God and denying His existence, to recognizing His Almighty hand through a miracle, to finally choosing to place her life in His hand. How do you maintain a faith in an all-powerful, loving God when bad things happen to you? Many of us have been confronted by that question at some point in our lives. Although some Christians possess a faith strong enough to maintain a relationship with God even through the most difficult of times, others lose faith in God entirely when they fail to see the evidence of His hand.When author Julia Kercher was faced with difficult circumstances in her life, she began to question Gods existence.

In Choosing His Hand, Kercher shares her story of turning her back on God and attempting to take control of her own life--at least thats what she thought she was doing. In reality, she had turned her life over to Satans control.Still, God refused to give up on Kercher. He put His people in her path to help her find her way back to Him. But it wasnt until experiencing a miracle that Kercher finally came to recognize God and eventually chose to place her life in His hand. Her life didnt become miraculously happy and easy and she was still not in control, but she could trust in the One who is.

When tragedy struck and Kerchers world came crashing down around her, she had no one but God to turn to for answers and comfort. She had to trust in Him to carry her through.

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