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Everything You Need to Know About Seafood Boils

When you watch a mukbang video on YouTube, you will always find them eating seafood boils. These seafood dishes seem to be a favorite among social media influencers, and we can’t blame them because they always taste good. So if you also crave these types of food whenever you watch mukbang videos, make sure to check out Angry Crab Shack. They offer delicious cajun seafood boils that are tasty and mouthwatering. So if you want to know all about seafood boils and where they came from, you came to the right place. Just read on below!

More Than Just a Nice Meal

Are you wondering what a seafood boil is? It’s the generic term in social events where shellfish is the central element. But seafood boils are like barbecue or fish fry, and they are loaded with salt and spices that make them delectable. Seafood boil was invented in the 1960s by a guy named Richard Gay. He was a shrimper from the Beaufort County in the southwest of Charleston. He simply threw shrimps and other seafood leftovers in a pot of boiling water. Of course, he added different spices too. And that’s where seafood boil came from.

What Makes Cajun Seafood Good?

When you think about Cajun food, you might always think about spicy dishes. But in reality, cajun food is not always that spicy. But it has enough spice to it. So when you cook cajun seafood boil next time, make sure that the spicy flavor does not overpower the prominent flavor. But the holy trinity of spices, which are onions, celery, and green bell pepper, must contribute to the taste along with other spices, such as cayenne, pepper, and salt. That’s how you get a great-tasting cajun seafood boil recipe.

Doesn’t Make You Gain Weight

Seafood is one of the most beneficial meats in the world. It’s called white meat, and it’s leaner than the thinnest cut of chicken you can find. You won’t have to worry about gaining too much weight when you eat this type of dish because it’s low in fat content and cholesterol. Even those with heart disease have shown signs of lowering cholesterol levels after adding fish to their diet. Although seafood boil is made out of seafood, it’s not relatively healthy because it’s loaded with spices and salt. So you must watch your portion servings while you eat this delicious dish. But we can’t deny the fact that it’s the perfect dish to serve on any special occasion! So don’t forget to try it at Angry Crab Shack.